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Daykio Sales Process

Action by the customer

The Customer calls, emails or walks in Daykio offices to enquire more about our properties. The Call or email is responded to by our customer service team within 24 hrs.

Daykio customer care officer

Sends the Property details to the Customer or the customer picks up the Brochure form the Office to make an investment choice

Customer chooses the plot

Customer makes a choice on the plot he/ she wishes to Purchase.

Site visit

Once the choice is made the customer plans for a site visit as they are introduced to the relevant site representatives.

Booking for the plot

After the site visit, the Customer books the plot using the Sub Division Site Map.

Booking form and application Form

Thereafter the customer completes the booking form and the Application Form from Daykio offices.

Required documents

The customer will provide an Original Identity Card for Daykio to Photo copy, a Copy of the PIN Certificate and a Coloured Passport Size photo/photos.

Time period for the booking of the plot

Daykio will hold the plot for Seven (7) days only from the date of the booking of the plot. After that the office will call the customer to confirm whether they are interested to close the sale.

Letter of offer

Once the Customer has confirmed the purchase of the plot they have chosen, Daykio will issue a Letter of Offer outlining the terms and conditions of the sale.

Daykio bank details

The Letter of Offer will indicate the appropriate Bank Account Details for the Daykio Project to enable the Customer pay the first deposit towards the purchase of the property. The Letter of Offer must be issued within Seven (7) days from the date of the application.

Acceptance of the letter of offer

The customer has Fourteen (14) days to accept the Letter of Offer which must be executed in triplicate as a confirmation that the Customer has read, understood and is agreeable to the terms and conditions stated therein.

Confirmation of payment

When the Customer is agreeable to the terms and Conditions in the Letter of Offer, he/she then proceeds to pay the deposit direct to the Bank Account according to the terms and conditions in the Letter of Offer .The customer will submit the deposit slip to Daykio as a confirmation of the payment and Daykio will issue an official receipt for the payment made.

Agreement for Sale

Daykio will forward a copy of the Letter of Offer to the Advocates to enable them prepare an Agreement for Sale in triplicate within Seven (7) days from the date of the payment of the deposit.

For Bustani Customers

The Advocates of Daykio will forward a soft copy of the Agreement for Sale to the Customers for confirmation before he/she executes the document. Once the customer agrees to the terms of the Agreement for Sale he/she will visit the Advocates office to execute the Agreement of Sale in triplicate in the presence of Daykio’s Advocates.

Deed of Covenant for Bustani Customers

The Deed of Covenant for Bustani Customers will also be sent on soft to the customers for their reference and once they agree with the terms and conditions therein they will visit the Advocates office to execute the documents in triplicate in the presence of Daykio’s Advocate. After that the Sale Agreement and the Deed of Covenant will be executed by the Directors of Daykio and will be attested by Daykio’s Advocates.

Time period for Agreement of Sale

The Customer has Fourteen (14) days to execute the Agreement for Sale and then it will be executed by Daykio Directors and attested by our Advocates.

Title Deed

Once the plot is fully paid for as per the terms of the Agreement for Sale Daykio will commence the process of transferring the property in the Customers’ name.

Occupation of the property

Once the property is fully paid for Daykio will issue a letter of completion of payment and the customer can occupy the property.

Transfer, Stamp Duty and Legal fees

Daykio will liaise with their Advocate and advise the Customer the amount required for Registration fees, Stamp Duty, Legal Fees and any other fees to facilitate the registration of the Transfer and obtain a Title Deed in the Customer’s name.

Payment of Stamp Duty through i-tax

The customer will pay for Stamp Duty through i-tax.

Title Deed in the Customer’s name

When the Transfer is registered and the Title Deed in the Customer’s name is received from the Advocate, Daykio will get in touch with the customer within Seven (7) days to collect their Title Deed. The Customer will present his/her Original Identity Card when collecting his/her Title Deed.

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