Kenya is in the heat of election fever as of this writing. This is a time when many people have decided to forgo any major financial investments since elections tend to be perceived as a time of potentially massive and unpredictable change. However, during all of this, one thing is certain – even if investments tend to stall during an election year, it can often be the best time to invest in real estate.

In our opinion, since Daykio is at the heart of affordable and high quality real estate investment opportunities in Kenya, here are four reasons why investing in real estate during the election period is a great idea:

  1. Real Estate is a long-term investment – If you look at it over the long term, real estate prices in Kenya are showing no signs of dropping. This means that even if there are some price fluctuations in the short term, these tend to be temporary as the general trend continues to be ever increasing. This is especially true when looking at various credible housing indices which suggest that real estate in Kenya continues to be one of the best investment channels in the marketplace. Daykio has been advising existing and prospective real estate investors for many years and we can help you make the right real estate investment decisions.
  2. Real Estate is currently underpriced – During an election year, many people and developers sell real estate at a discount to improve their liquidity due to the uncertainty that may prevail from an election outcome. For this very reason, savvy real estate investors in Kenya tend to invest in real estate during this time since there are many opportunities that can be had at hugely discounted prices, including those on offer at the moment from Daykio like Koma View. Given that time is a major factor, once acquired, the same real estate will not only appreciate after the elections are over but can be resold in the short to medium term for a good profit once prices normalize.
  3. Real Estate is real value – There are many kinds of investments that one can make during an election year. However, if you think about it many tend to be unpredictable and do not hold long term value. One thing that is certain is that when it comes to real estate, it is real value. What this means is that even if the economy suffers during the election period, real estate will always have intrinsic value even when other forms of investment are volatile. You can literally take that to the bank even if the amounts offered tend to be lower for the same.
  4. Real Estate location is everything – In line with our previous points on real estate investment in Kenya during an election year, location is a major factor to making the right kind investment. Good infrastructure, accessibility, security, amenities and nearby facilities such as malls have become major contributing factors to making high yielding real estate investments. Many areas are opening up and a strategically located real estate investment such as those offered by Daykio is a great place to start.