About Us

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About Daykio Plantations

DPL is a Kenyan owned Real Estate company established in 1986 with a mission to enhance the lives of communities of hard working Kenyans to own land and properties through flexible payment arrangements. DPL has a huge portfolio of projects that have been sold over the last 30 years with many others in the pipeline. DPL has also developed and sold apartments in prime areas of the city and also developed a commercial building for “letting” purposes.

DPL’s core business revolves around bulk purchase and sub-division of prime land in Kenya into secure, accessible and affordable prime sub-plots for sale, either for commercial or residential use. DPL has a keen eye for areas with high potential of growth and development thus ensuring that our customers receive the highest possible rate of return on their investment.

We have partnered with Financiers, Architects, Contractors and other service providers to ensure that our customers are well catered for thus making DPL a “one stop shop” as we assist them to buy, build and become homeowners.

DPL Track Record

DPL is a successful homegrown Real Estate Company that has been able to deliver key real estate investment solutions to its customers.

  1. Long dated experience in delivering real estate solutions to customers
  2. – DPL has experience in dealing with acquisition, development and selling of real estate properties in both land and property developments.

  3. In depth, local networks
  4. – DPL has in depth networks as a local player in the real estate industry. This allows DPL the ability to source attractive land in prime locations for development or resale.

  5. Strong Brand
  6. – DPL is among the top players in real estate sector in Kenya and is rated among the best by the customers in the segment where it plays.

Our Vision

Creating investment options for our customers to achieve their goals.

Our Mission

Making Real Estate affordable and accessible

Core Values

Dependable, Caring, Empowering.

What We do

Our journey began in 1986 with a dream to challenge the (then) popular, but lopsided idea of land possession as a preserve of the well heeled. We have excelled at working hand in hand with forward-thinking people from all walks of life to surmount the financial and procedural hurdles associated with property acquisition. This way, we have aided thousands toward acquiring living and working spaces that they can proudly call their own.

Buy. Build. Become

Daykio is your property resource solution to BUY. BUILD. BECOME We are proud to be your one stop shop for all your real estate needs. We go the extra mile to link you up with service providers and financiers to make your real estate investment process easier and less of a hustle for you. We are here to help you realize your real estate investment needs faster and easier.

Innovation is Everything

In a highly competitive, fast- paced market that attracts new entrants by the day, we at Daykio have distinguished ourselves over the past three decades through an ever-growing series of impressive firsts:

Employee incentive schemes

Working with employers to tap into property acquisition as a staff reward and retention strategy.

Investment support

Tailor-made plans for investment clubs and Saccos to create optimal value for their members.

Offshore liaison

Providing a point of contact for foreign investors and Kenyans in the diaspora as they venture into the local property market.