Daykio Bustani An Elegant Urban Residential Experience

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Are you dreaming of building your own home? The urge for financial freedom and ability to build to your specification? Well look no more. Daykio Plantations ensures anyone with a dream of building a home, whether within Kenya or the Diaspora is catered for. Our goal is solely to create investment options for our customers to achieve their goals. We believe in the notion of buying, building and fulfilling one’s dream of becoming a  homeowner. Buying land and building a property on it is a dream many people share.Getting an agent who makes that dream a reality is another. Daykio Plantations, a leading real estate agent in Kenya, has excelled at working hand in hand with forward-thinking people from all walks of life to surmount the financial and procedural hurdles associated with property acquisition. Daykiospecialises in residential and commercial property […]

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