Baraka Children’s Home Daykio Visit

The Daykio Plantations management and staff recently spent a day with the children at Baraka Children’s Home in Kiambu. Being the festive season, it was a privilege and honour to share what we could with the lovely and well behaved children at this home. They got to recite the bible verses to us and share their knowledge of what they learnt at this home with us.


The Baraka Children’s Home was started in the year 2006 by Mr James, who is an unemployed street preacher. Being born out of wedlock, rejected by his stepfather and dropping out of school at class 2 may have just been the beginning of Mr James’ drive to help the needy children. His life as a street child was just like any other. He suffered rejection and when he advanced in age, he engaged in some criminal activities that saw him arrested and taken to Kamiti where he gave his life to Christ and as they say, the rest is history.



The Centre, in a premise worth Kshs. 30,000 monthly, has a total of 80 children aged from 3 to 16 years and a staff capacity of 10. This Centre solely relies on the aid of well-wishers to buy food, pay the teachers and the children’s upkeep in general and also pay the monthly rent.



Mr James takes the initiative by going to the Kahawa West buses to seek help from the passengers as he spreads the word of God and on a good day he can get Kshs. 1500 to Kshs. 2000.

Most of the children at the Centre are from the streets, orphans, abandoned or those with irresponsible parents.



Currently, the children sleep on the bare and cold floors which is something that will hopefully change soon. We are calling out to everyone out there who is willing. These lovely children still have a long way to go and being the festive season, donate what you can, to you it may be something small but to this children, it may just be what they need to survive.