Buy, Build and Become

I have attended almost all home expos in Nairobi, not because I am a homeowner but because I am an aspiring homeowner.


Owning a home is the one dream that I must achieve but the problem is, where to start? I do not have the financial capacity leave alone the knowledge of the Do’s and Don’ts when constructing it.


I am sure this applies to many people who are not only tired of paying rent but also the people who are about to start their families.


Then, I heard of Daykio Plantation’s 3B’s. Buy, Build and Become. In simple terms, you walk into Daykio Plantations Ltd and they hold your hand throughout the whole process of not only owning your first home but also helping you with all your real estate needs.


First, you identify the piece of prime plot that you desire then Daykio will connect you with a financier who will provide you with your monetary needs to actualize your dream.


Now, you have successfully bought your prime plot and can finally call yourself a real estate investor in Kenya. But, why stop there? Daykio can connect you to a financier who can provide you with the finances to buy the plot and build your home or business on the land you now own. Daykio will also go a step further and connect you with the right and reliable people to construct your first home or business all the while advising you on the best real estate practices so that you can have a swift home owning process.

And in no-time you and I can become homeowners, and who knows, we may just decide on a second and third home because one can never have too many real estate investments. Let’s meet in the next home expo as homeowners to thank the Daykio Plantations Ltd team for their wonderful work and their 3B’s. Buy, Build and Become.


What is stopping you from becoming a real estate investor now?