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Purchase process

We understand the need to make smart investment decisions and we are here to ensure your investment with us is favorable. Our purchase process is organized to be short and easy for all our clients as explained below.

Immediately you realize the great investment opportunity that lies with buying land or property with us and make an inquiry, we work to ensure that the process is short and easy for you by taking the time to understand your needs.

We then proceed to the next step which is sending you the investment catalogue that is created to meet your investment needs. You, our esteemed client, will then be provided with the project map and you will choose your preferred plot with our guidance. Once you have settled for a plot, we promptly send you the booking form to secure your plot, and an application form to capture all the customer details and thereafter the offer letter which will detail the specific conditions on which the sale relies on including the payment plan suiting your budget.

When agreeable to the terms in the offer letter, our team will share the Account details to pay the deposit as a commitment to the transaction. Our lawyers thereafter prepare a sale agreement with details about the sale being clearly stated in the document.

You are given sufficient time to go through the document and consult your legal counsel. In preparation of transferring the documents, Access Letter to the property is issued as we proceed to prepare the Transfer Document for your execution. The required document for this process is your copy of Identification Card (ID), copy of Personal Identification Number (PIN) and three passport size photos.

After which we will proceed to send the completion documents to the Land Registry for the Registration of the Transfer. Once the Title Deed is ready for collection, we inform the client promptly in order to collect it from our office.


We have partnered with Family Bank, CBA and KCB to ensure that our clients have a wide range of financial payment plans. Take this opportunity and invest in land and property with Daykio and we shall hold your hand through the Buy, Build and Become process.

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