Happy Clients, Better Business

Our journey began in 1986 with a dream to challenge the (then) popular, but lopsided idea of land possession as a preserve of the well-heeled. We have excelled at working hand in hand with forward-thinking people from all walks of life to surmount the financial and procedural hurdles associated with property acquisition .This way, we have aided thousands toward acquiring living and working spaces that they can proudly call their own.

Thirty years on, we consider our mission far from over. We see and pursue newer and bigger opportunities to actualize this vision for more and more Kenyans. As we press on toward an even greater realization of this goal, our reputation grows to reflect an even stronger commitment to the spirit and meaning of our name; Ndîî Kîîo – an ancient bantu ethnic phrase that means : I strive for self-empowerment.

What our Clients Say About Us

On a scale of 1 to 10 I give Daykio plantations an “8”. I have enjoyed the whole experience (of purchasing plots from Daykio). The Daykio team is very customer friendly, even in the event of late payment, the staff can still afford a smile as they follow you up …

Catherine Kimani – Advocate, Nairobi

Early in my career, I was fortunate to have a supervisor who was very passionate about savings and investment. It was he who introduced me to Daykio and encouraged me to set aside some money every month towards purchasing a plot. Today, I have just completed the purchase of my second plot and look forward to investing in a third soon

Carlpeters Ngunuh – Banker, Nairobi

The first plot I purchased was in Juja. I first realized the potential of this area in 2011, when I heard about plans to build an 8-lane superhighway linking Nairobi City with Thika. The Daykio team were very helpful throughout the process of viewing, booking and payments. I would advise young people to start investing early to get best returns and growth …

Isaiah Nyakoe – Businessman, Nairobi

( I tell my friends and family) to Invest with Daykio because you’ll get your title exactly after 90 Days .. You also get your paperwork fast, all copies of receipts of payments you’ve made…. One feels safe, because you can trust it and it’s efficient.

Wanja Njue – Aero Technician, Nairobi

I bought my plot at Kshs 50,000. I sold it recently for Kshs. 3.5 Million … it seems to me that Daykio Plantations are very shrewd property investors . Wherever they offer land, that is a growth area. I have presently bought more plots from Daykio in the Kamulu area and I plan to pay for my grandson’s university education from this investment.