Oftentimes, whenever one thinks of the real estate agency business, it’s usually a man in a suit that comes to mind. However, there are some women who are breaking new ground, leading the charge – and changing perceptions while at it. 

It’s true that women have historically been denied equal rights when it comes to property ownership. That’s why Daykio is fighting to break new ground in the real estate industry. Women agents work together as a team, advising each other on how to handle different transactions. They also provide support for each other and are open about their business deals so that women can start creating social connections in this male-dominated industry.

Daykio is a real estate company that encourages women to purchase property in Kenya. We are part of the effort to eliminate the barriers between women and property ownership. We are slowly building momentum and have been contacted by dozens of women from all walks of life, who are interested in investing.

Women in Kenya face many obstacles when it comes to real estate. One of the most common is the inability to afford a house or land. Daykio has broken  this pattern by offering affordability through flexible payment plans on their products. In the past, women didn’t have as easy access to bank loans as men because of gender discrimination. There are laws that offer some protection from gender-based discrimination, but not all types are covered and there isn’t always sufficient enforcement of these laws in practice. Daykio in pursuit of changing this, has partnered with various banks to break the bias.

A brief history about the current state of women in Kenya and the real estate industry will clearly show you that there are many positive opportunities for women in this field. Women of all backgrounds can find a niche in one of these areas and make a difference. The future of women in business across the board is exceedingly bright and transformational, and the world has only just begun to get a glimpse of what they can do.          Happy International Women’s Month!

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