The real estate market has been known to rise and fall dramatically. Luckily, it’s been an upward trend for Kenyans, investors and homebuyers alike have turned their attention to vigorously purchasing land. Whether buyers are looking for a piece of property to develop as a home or as a commercial site, or strictly interested in an investment, they will discover an abundance of land available for sale at Daykio Plantations.

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone keen on securing their future or that of the ones they love. However, we must admit; most people are still jittery about buying any property. How do you find the perfect location and be sure that it’s legitimate? Do we really want to spend our hard earned cash to finance a conman’s projects? Consider these tips when you go out looking for a plot to invest in with Daykio especially during this Valentine’s period.


When searching for land, buyers should be aware of all available options before making a purchase. Find out about the different types of land, zoning regulations, the various costs associated with purchasing land, and places to find and buy land, such as local real estate offices or even online auction sites like Daykio Plantations.

Maximise on Offers

Everyone loves a good deal! Always be on the lookout for a land deal especially at an area of interest. Every now and then, realtors have seasonal offers. If you invest with Daykio Plantations, you will notice we currently have a deal for Valentine’s Day. We want everyone to secure a plot and get rewarded for making a smart move. And what better time to buy in than when there’s an offer?

Ask The Right Questions

Land is a long term investment that needs critical analysis before going all in. To get the most out of your real estate investment, make sure to ask yourself all the right questions.

  • Are there legal issues with the land?
  • Any environmental hazards?
  • Are utilities easily accessible in that area?
  • Is it desirable to other buyers?
  • Does it drain well?

Basically, you need to ask yourself all the questions pertaining your stay there or profitability if you plan on re-selling or leasing for commercial developments.

Site Visit

In here lies the most cost effective Valentine’s date you have been on in a long time. So, you already know the “MshtueNaPlot” offer is on and you will be buying him or her a plot. Take a road trip down to where you want to buy your land. It’s a fun adventure that you can take your lady, man or parents on, to enjoy a free picnic over the weekend or an afternoon off. It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with your future home or investment, to know whether it really is what you had in mind.

Getting Started

You’ve asked all the right questions, enjoyed a road trip and done your prospecting. Final tip is to get started, and guess what? It’s “Love Month” and we are showing lots of it. Perfect timing for you to remind them that you still care and their future means a lot to you. Jumpstart their future security, by making a 30% deposit on land at a location of their choice within Daykio Prime Properties.

We are offering you a chance to gift and be gifted this February. Invest and be one the 14 couples to enjoy a free dinner for you and your loved one at a leading Five Star Hotel.