Meet the Experts

Senior Leadership

  • Titus K Muya
    Titus K Muya
    Owner / Investor
  • Mark Keriri Muya
    Mark Keriri Muya
  • Kahaki Muindi Muya
    Kahaki Muindi
    Executive Board Member
  • Njeri Muya
    Njeri Muya
    Executive Board Member
  • Julius Muya
    Julius Muya
    Board Member

Management Team

  • Kahaki Muindi Muya
    Kahaki Muindi
    Executive Director
  • Patricia Sheth
    Patricia Sheth
    General Manager
  • Purity Kagendo
    Purity Kagendo
    Business Development Manager
  • Agnes Gitehi
    Agnes Gitehi
    Ag Finance Manager

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In a highly competitive, fast- paced market that attracts new entrants by the day, we at Daykio have distinguished ourselves over the past three decades through an ever-growing series of impressive firsts.