The global pandemic set a precedent for innovative ideas to improve how services were once provided. This is mainly from shifting from traditional methods to technological ones. The real estate industry took a hit economically, however, virtual tours were introduced to replace physical site visits so as to ensure business continuity.

95% of homebuyers use the internet to look for properties. Moreover, 51% of homeowners have bought their homes online. With these statistics, it is not a shock that real estate companies are investing in virtual tours. Here are some of the benefits of this change:

  • Saves time and costs

Virtual tours have substantially reduced the back-and-forth movement from your home to the site. This has allowed clients to save time. Additionally, concerns about traffic and fuel use have diminished, saving agents and potential buyers money. Seeing your future real estate venture from the comfort of your home sounds and feels great.

  • They create an instant sense of ownership

Virtual tours allow clients to view properties in the comfort of their own homes, on their own time, and at their own pace. This results in a personal connection attribute as well as a sense of autonomy. Virtual tours that provide additional information on local amenities and important characteristics help entice clients since the longer they stay on the tour, the more committed they become, ultimately leading to a sale.

  • Offers Global Reach

Virtual tours have enabled real estate companies to extend their services globally. Those in the diaspora who would love to invest in real estate in either their home country or their country of interest can view the property through these tours. It also builds trust that the company offers what they exactly market online, reducing one’s hesitation to purchase from them.

  • Permanent open house

Gone are the worries of viewing a property from 8 am to 5 pm on particular days. Virtual tours ensure that the property is available for viewing around the clock and with no third-party involvement.

  • Convenience

Sellers always have to clean their properties whenever there is an open house and this takes a lot of time and energy. However, virtual tours have increased convenience by showing their properties in their best condition. In addition, one can highlight its key features to spike the interest of potential buyers.

Statistics have shown that homeowners prefer looking at virtual tours when searching for real estate investments. The probability of this change is extremely low. Therefore, real estate companies integrating virtual tours are on a whole other level.

Moreover, virtual tours have impacted the real estate market by allowing clients to examine properties of interest conveniently and cost-effectively, making the sales process more efficient and effective. At Daykio, we prioritize customer satisfaction and look for ways of improving our services. Kindly check out several virtual tours on our YouTube page by clicking this link: any questions or additional details regarding our services, you can also email us at