During this period of which we have been selling property, one thing that has come out very clearly is that the process of purchasing land and ultimately building and actually living in it takes time and money.

One thing that we need to appreciate is that at no given time do you have all the money you need for the desired house you want. And that being the case, we at Daykio saw an opportunity and came up with the Growing Homes Concept.

Basically, what we look at is the process of buying your prime plot and building your home. Depending on your status, we usually encourage young people to buy with us because when you are younger, you do not have so many responsibilities and we believe at that time you are at an advantage because your commitments may not be as tight as they would be when you start a family later on and you can manage to buy property and build on it.

What you build is dependent again on your stature and this is where the growing homes concept comes in. If you are single you can build a house that consists of a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen a bathroom and toilet. You do not necessarily need to build a three-bedroom house at one go. You build a house with the idea that you will expand as time goes by and when funds are available. Hence the essence of growing homes.

When we initiated this concept, we were more or less at the time during the period where it was just conventional construction (brick and mortar) but now with the new technologies, this process has become faster, simpler and cheaper for you to initiate the process of the growing homes concept.

We have a couple of customers who began on this process and have now completed their desired home. They bought an eighth of a plot, initially, the house was to be a 3-bedroom bungalow but they started off with one bedroom, living room/ kitchen and the bathroom and moved on to complete the houses later once they got the funds. The architect draws it and when the contractor comes, they build it in a way that will allow you to expand even as you live in the house without any disturbance.

At Daykio, we are encouraging people to buy, build and become in an affordable and timely manner.

Please get in touch with us here at Daykio for more information on the no. 0718 180064 or onĀ info@daykio.com.