Politics influences everyone and almost everything in the country. So, the big question here is, how has it and will it influence the real estate market?

Although we have seen some ups and downs in the real estate sector, during the years since the first democratic elections, the future still looks bright.

Recent statistics show Kenyans have made a big entrance into the market and that almost 50% of the investors now come from locals. One of the main reasons for this is the realization by most of them that real estate is a gold mine.This is a very positive sign for the real estate industry and we hope that this continues. We have seen major changes in real estate over the years including entry of new buyers into the market from the diaspora.

The influence politics in Kenya has on foreign investors is also immense.  Political instability could make potential international buyers retract causing sellers to drop their prices.

Kenya however,  presents a great investment opportunity for investors seeking attractive and long-term returns. Daykio is focused on delivering high returns when it comes to real estate,  while providing the best client service and always protecting our clients’ interests.

We Bring together Kenyans in the diaspora wishing to invest back home with prime investment opportunities. 

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