Crowding, pollution, noise, lack of privacy and high cost of living are but a few problems one encounters in cities. The busy city lifestyle requires one to always be on their toes whether socially, physically, psychologically or financially. Therefore a demand for escapism from this lifestyle to a more tranquil and peaceful one creates a need for suburban living.

Many Kenyans wish to move and start family homes or retire away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Some have achieved this while others work tirelessly to do so. Here are some but a few reasons why homeowners prefer the suburban lifestyle;

1. Privacy

Noisy neighbourhoods are one of the factors that affect where you live. In suburbs one has their own space, backyard and the best part is no shared walls. Yes, we know how much people hate listening to every single noise coming from their neighbours. Houses in the suburbs prevent this from happening since it is a free-standing house.

2. Open spaces

The suburbs offer ample space to implement some of your dream home designs like an open door kitchen, home office, playground and much more. Confinement is a word that is certainly not in a suburban home dictionary.

3. Security

Crimes are relatively higher in cities than in suburbs. Moreover, you can add a high security system to your home for extra protection. The fear of walking around and someone committing theft is highly unlikely as it is in cities due to it being less populated.

4. Less spending

Living in suburbs is cost effective because things are relatively cheaper as compared to the costs for the same in cities. Water, transportation, utilities among others are things that will not break your bank therefore allowing you to spend less and save more.

5. Community

There is a sense of community that you will experience in suburbs unlike in cities.  You can acquire a high quality social life and build interpersonal relationships with your neighbours. This enables one to feel safe and more secure in their own home due to these relationships.

6. No Congestion

Tired of waking up at ungodly hours just to reach your workplace or anywhere on time? In suburbs, due to less population struggles, occurrences like these are fewer. Traffic jams are problems one will rarely encounter in suburbs and so is  pushing through crowds just to make your way. The lack of congestion also makes it ideal for morning or evening runs around the neighbourhood, which in turn helps in your health and fitness.

Factors such as security,privacy,incongestion and affordability are key in deciding whether or not to leave the city life and join suburban living. If you are thinking of moving to a suburban area, here are a few property listings you can go through to see if suburban life suits you:

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